High School News

New Change for the New School Year

by Dylan Evans, Campus Reporter

Reporter: How do you feel about making the switch from the younger classes to the older classes?

Ms. J
Mrs. Jamison, High School Math

Mrs. Jamison: I am excited about the transition. I have taught high school before and loved it. Teaching high school students is a challenge that I welcome. However, I do miss my junior high students.

Reporter: What’s the advantage to teaching the older classes?

Mrs. Jamison: Most of my teaching career has been teaching high school. I thoroughly enjoy this age. I feel as though I can not only provide guidance for math but also for life.

Reporter: Do you like teaching the older classes more than the younger classes?

Mrs. Jamison: I have mostly preferred the older class. Although, my classes from last year are still near and dear to my heart.
Reporter: Do you see a big difference in the behavior between the younger and older classes?

Mrs. Jamison: I have not seen much of a difference between the two groups.
Reporter: Ove the summer, what did you do differently to prepare for the high school classes?

Mrs. Jamison: Honestly, it wasn’t much different. I had to start over on the lesson plans only because I was teaching different subjects. Overall, I am super excited to move up to the high school

Reporter: Thank you for your time, Mrs. Jamison.