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Ms. Vaughn’s 5 Tips for Yearlong Success

Dear ACH Students,

Welcome to ACH 2018-19! At ACH, we strive to train students to pursue their God-given purpose in a Christ-centered environment of educational excellence. Because you and your success matter, I offer these 5 suggestions:

  1. Give God the glory before you even set foot out of bed. Giving God praise and thanks sets the tone with an attitude of gratitude.
  2. Get to school early enough to be greeted by the faculty, eat breakfast and visit with friends, or go to Learning Lab to review notes and organize yourself for the day.
  3. Be proactive to be prepared: fully charged computer, clean AC sweatshirt, assignments, materials and supplies. Prepare the night before – plug in your computer; put your sweatshirt into the wash (having 2 helps); put your homework and materials into your backpack; put your backpack into the car or at the door ready to grab and go.
  4. Wear a SMILE; be polite, helpful, kind, and considerate to everyone, all the time, everywhere.
  5. Set goals. An agenda or daily planner is a great place to record these. THESE? What THESE? Well, there are daily goals; there are weekly goals; there are … goals. Some of us need hour to hour goals when faced with things that are hard like making/breaking habits. Your teachers and I are happy to help you do this. You will set goals in many – if not all – of your classes.

YOU are important to us. Your SUCCESS matters. Take on the day in an INSPIRED way!

Together in Christ,
Ms. Vaughn, Academic Dean
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